“The Bridge”

BusinessBridge_SmartSure…Emerging Sports TV can handle your production needs. But we are capable of oh so much more than that.

Our “Bridge” services are really what differentiate us from many of the other media companies out there.  Our collaborative allows us to provide a wide range of integrated media services to help deliver to your event, project, or brand the value it deserves.



“Bridge” Sales: Whether you believe that To Sell is Human or subscribe to the Business Model Generation approach to your business, the truth is that no brand, business, or association can exist without sales! At Emerging Sports TV, we certainly do not have a magic formula for this…just long-standing relationships with some of the top brands in action, adventure, and emerging sports that can help us unlock your full potential. We are ready to put our “Bridge” sales program to work for your event, athlete, or brand.


Distribution01_Smart“Bridge” Distribution: So you have an entire inventory of videos, and you lead your category in “Likes.” Congrats! But how much value does that really add to your efforts? At Emerging Sports TV, we find the distribution channels that can help you monetize your hard work, as well as spread your amazing media products to the masses. Our experience with television, livestreaming, OTT, and secondary distribution channels will help you gain the most value for your efforts.



Consulting01_Smart“Bridge” Consulting: In the media industry, there is plenty of projects that are “Penny wise, and a pound foolish!” But there is no reason you cannot combine cost-effectiveness with hard-hitting production and distribution. At Emerging Sports TV, we have learned these many lessons the hard way. Please consider getting us in the strategy loop as soon as possible, so we can begin to untangle the many possibilities for your project and guide it to the incredible, high-impact outcome your work deserves.


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