Outside TV Dips Toes into Media Mainstream

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Adventure Dining Guide Joins ESTV Programming

Adventure Dining Guide meets Outdoor Recreation and Travel.

Michelle Shea is most comfortable when on the trail and chatting up how adventurers maintain their nutritional needs in the wilderness.

Hiking in the outdoors is one of the most fulfilling for those who find refuge in the woods and with wildlife. Yet, trekking also requires a balance between the load one carries and the caloric load needed to traverse what are often very demanding conditions. So what foodstuffs one should carry and consume can often leave even the most adventurous of us confused or just resigned to PB&J sandwiches.

Enter Michelle Shea, host of the Adventure Dining Guide, who has unlocked the great possibilities for cooking and eating in remote places. Shea’s video series is an innovative and entertaining foray that transcends the versatility of jerky, verging frequently on gourmet-style grub that just about anyone could prepare and enjoy in the most remote destinations.

So it is with great excitement that Emerging Sports TV announces a partnership with Michelle Shea and her Adventure Dining Guide cooking feature during our inaugural broadcast season on CBS Sports Network and our OTT channel and mobile APP. Shea, an avid snowboarder and global traveler, captures just the right tenor with her segments, whether its pickling veggies, “glamping,” or just sharing 101 incredible ways to use jerky.

“Michelle is such a natural, authentic personality in front of the camera,” smiled Dr. John G. Duesler, Jr., Principal and Executive Producer at Emerging Sports TV. “Clearly, she knows her stuff, but, more importantly, Michelle makes cooking in the wilderness approachable, accessible, and achievable, which are the guiding elements for all our content. Not to mention, the food is just so darn delicious!”

Her two-minute segments are scheduled to run through the 2017 broadcast season and, currently, are underwritten by Green Goo Products (VISIT THEIR WEB SITE HERE). For more information about the Adventure Dining Guide, visit THEIR WEBSITE. For more on Emerging Sports TV, including programming schedules, advertising/sponsorship details, and shopping at our online e-commerce site, visit EmergingSports.TV.

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